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Every In Depth Customer, on completion of their stone floor clean, will be given a specialist product and professional instruction on how to use this to maintain their beautiful floor.


Marble is a type of metamorphic rock which is characterized by swirls of colour from impurities and the ability to take a very high polish. This stone has been used for thousands of years in art and architecture, and it continues to be very popular today in applications ranging from garden paving stones , mantles and internal flooring.

The process of Deep cleaning and Diamond Marble Polishing can turn worn, tired looking marble to an astonishing and satisfying appearance. An application of our special breathable penetrating sealer to protect the marble in future is then applied. In Depth customers are amazed at the absolutely stunning results, returning your marble to a like new glorious condition.

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To understand the formation of the rock we call slate, we must first travel back in time a few billion years. As volcanic lava flowed over the ground, superheated clay deposits mixed with ash. This mixture eventually dried in layers, much like shale but noticeably harder. Slate can be split into slabs, and those slabs can be split once again into thin sheets.

Slate floorings vary from rustic and traditional to very smooth slates that give a natural feel. Due to the porous and easily scratched nature of slate, regular cleaning and maintenance is vital to protect its surface. Slate can contain a number of wonderful colours from grey and greens to tan which can be beautifully enhanced by In Depth when cleaning and sealing the slate. Specialist breathable slate sealer and colour enhancers will also rejuvenate and protect the natural look of the slate.


Limestone consists of the fossilized shells of sea creatures that lived millions of years ago.

The diverse characteristics of limestone and sandstone enhances the look of receptions areas, exquisite bathrooms and elegant floors. Limestone can be easily stained especially by acids like wine, carbonated drinks, vinegar and fruit juices - even some waters may react, therefore regular, professional care and maintenance is important.

In Depth Craftsmen can clean, seal and polish Limestone to a matt or high gloss shine to provide absolutely stunning results. If a more natural look is required then we can after a deep clean, impregnate or colour enhance the stone to help protect from oils, greases and water staining.


Terracotta means baked earth and is made from natural clay, which gives it a characteristic reddish-brown colour. The colour varies slightly depending on the clay used. Terracotta may be glazed for extra durability or to provide colour.

Terracotta is a warm looking tile but the attractive, characteristic surface of the terracotta tile can be soft, absorbent and prone to scratching, becoming dull looking. To regain that beautiful, warm effect, let In Depth, strip, clean, seal and re-finish your terracotta floor to the finish of your choice whether this be a matt finish or wet-look finish – both restoring its natural beauty.

Porcelain and Ceramic

Porcelain as a floor surface is becoming very popular. Amazingly, Porcelain can now be manufactured to look like most other stones, including marble, and can be glazed or unglazed which can be confusing (and fatal) for the building owner and uneducated restoration company. For your confidence and reassurance In Depth use up to date products and techniques to clean and polish Porcelain tiles and the surrounding grout to a plush and lustrous finish.


Sandstone is a clastic sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand-sized minerals or rock grains.

It is a beautiful and timeless stone which adds warmth, quality and luxury to any room in your home or business premises. To prevent ugly spots, spills and ingrained soil, Professional Sandstone Cleaning, Sealing and Maintenance is vital to maintaining the look and longevity of the Sandstone floor. In Depth craftsmen will restore your Sandstone floor and advise you how to maintain it at its best.

Sandstone (Before cleaning)
Sandstone (After cleaning)


Terrazzo is a man-made stone composed of chips which are mixed with cement and then polished as an economical alternative to solid marble slabs or tiles.

With new techniques and solutions for Terrazzo cleaning, removing spots, spills and stains you can expect wonderful new looking terrazzo floors. Whether it’s a Matt or high gloss polished finish we can bring your terrazzo back to its former glory.


Travertine is a natural limestone stone material, made of calcium carbonate. Due to Travertine’s porous properties, the stone needs to be sealed before use in domestic environments. Travertine is highly durable, making Travertine Tiles a popular choice.

The colour is dictated by the iron content and impurities of the stone.

The different finishes include honed, polished and tumbled. Honed travertine is smooth, but unlike polished, it has a lustreless finish. Polished travertine is smooth, but buffed and polished until shiny. Tumbled travertine has a rougher, textured finish and often has rounded corners for an antique look.

In Depth have the knowledge and expertise to restore your travertine to a beautiful condition and will advise you on future maintenance.


True granite is an “igneous” rock formed when molten rock cools deep inside the earth. The size of the grains and crystals of the minerals that make up the rock are determined by the temperature, pressure and speed of cooling. Rock that cools rapidly is made up of small crystals and tends to be harder and stronger.

Granite is one of the hardest natural stones on the planet and has been used in building for thousands of years. It’s also one of the most difficult stones to polish because of its hardness. In Depth Craftsmen use diamond pads to expertly remove scratches and blemishes, followed by a unique granite sealing and polishing process to develop a high beautiful shine.

Victorian Quarry Tiles

Due to the age of many quarry tiles there is more commonly a large build up of soils due to the use of dirt attracting cleaners. Over the years the tiles would have worn and a usually low porosity tile will become porous in the high usage areas. A regular maintenance programme is required. In Depth will deep clean and either impregnate quarry tiles, or seal them, to a shine of the customers choice – this will protect them in the future and draw out the wonderful colours.

Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning is always a popular subject with customers; many people find grout difficult to clean. It is usually an integral part of the tile cleaning process, but if requested a separate area can be cleaned, following which a suitable grout seal can be applied.

Grout (Before cleaning)

Before cleaning

Grout (After cleaning)

After cleaning

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